*Request for services should be filled out on the contact page.

We provide a few different services here at Rollin Bros. Which of them you would like to use is completely up to you though. However, we promise that we will give our best efforts toward your request whether it be one, or all of our services, or anywhere in between. For the full list of services that we offer, please review the list below. 

If you would like to advertise your project on any of the Rollin Bros. websites, please contact us via our contact form letting us know. To have your advertisements placed on our websites, you will need to include images with the proper dimensions and links. The advertisements submitted to us will be featured on a handful of websites in which Rollin Bros. runs or are affiliated with us.
*All images and links must be provided in the form to be eligible for advertisement.

Presentation is everything when it comes to showing off your project to the public and what better way is there to do that than an article featured on multiple blogs. An article is one of the best ways to present a large amount of information and visuals in one place. Sure you can upload videos to YouTube or post an image on Facebook or Twitter, but why not combine it all in one location; an article. Rollin Bros. will put together an article for your project which will be featured on our main blog and possibly even on other "fitting" blogs as well. Along with the article being posted, we will also update our Twitter feed letting our followers know that the article is available.
*All information, images, and video must be provided in the form to be eligible for an article. (Required: At least 1 image and a paragraph of information.)

If you would like an in-depth interview to be published to our blog, or to post to your projects page, we can make that happen. We will setup an interview with you upon request to thoroughly get to know more about your project through a series of questions. We will also note and organize all questions and answers for you after the interview has concluded.
*All interviews should be requested through the contact form and will receive a reply within a respectable amount of time.

Twitter Shout-out
We will also give your company or project a shout-out on Twitter upon request. Getting free advertising couldn't be any easier than this.
*Must provide name of company or project and a link to be eligible.

YouTube Video
When planning to reveal your project for the first time, chances are you won't have a large following. You may upload a reveal video to your project on your own YouTube channel, but how many people will actually see the video? Unless you are very popular on YouTube before uploading your reveal video, you probably won't have many views upon uploading the video; or at least until you've shared the video countless times across social media and other websites. Rollin Bros. will upload your video to our YouTube channel so that all of our subscribers will receive the video in their subscription feed. We may even feature the video on several different channels depending on the project.
*Must provide the video in either .avi or .mp4 formats. Links can also be provided and will be put in the description of the video.

More Coming Soon...

For any questions or concerns about our services, please e-mail us at or visit our contact page and fill our the form.

*Request for services should be filled out on the contact page.